Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Hilly Cow Pasture

Just the funniest horse story I have when it comes to conditioning horses in the Hilly Cow Pasture.  Although my friend still doesn't find the humor in it that I do!  Just thinking about this event, I am bursting with laughter.

My dear friend, hummm, should she remain nameless in this story, even when I plan to post a picture? Oh dear, do I have to get permission before posting this story or picture?  I'm sure I'll be hearing from my "dear friend" after putting this out there!

The two of us decided to head to the Hilly Cow Pasture for a conditioning ride on our horses one sunny summer afternoon.  For obvious reasons we named this pasture, first it was somewhat hilly and secondly there were cows pastured there.  Living in a rather flat area, this cow pasture was the closest thing we had to give the horses a little stress in their heart rates and hopefully help them to deal with a ride that was considered hilly.  We would race up and down the hillside from one end to the other.  Usually my horse led and the other horse followed. For some reason this day she is riding my horse, I don't know who I was riding.  It was very much like riding a single file trail and we even mowed the trail to ensure we stayed away from groundhog holes or other obstacles.

This particular day we were doing our thing and I hear my "dear friend" yelling something behind me.  When I turned around to see what she was yelling about, I was stunned and hardly recognized my friend or her horse.  It seems that my horse threw warm, thick, smelly cow paddies onto my friend as we raced up the hill.  I almost fell off my horse laughing at the site of them splattered in green slimy cow manure.  I'm not sure my "dear friend" ever got the pants clean, it would have been a major grass stain.  As you can see from the picture it was also on her face and shirt, the horse was also pretty well covered. 

Every once in while, my "dear friend" and I will get together and talk about our riding adventures.  I'm not sure she thinks this story is as funny as I do!! 

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