Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 2009

Well it seems to be that time of year again.  Fall is upon us, it is September.  The summer has gone by too quickly.  I only just got the tipi lodge up it seems, and even though it was late going up, it has be in my horse pasture for a month now. 

Several nights have been spent out there and more to come.  It sits in my horse pasture, it didn't get baled this year for some reason.  With a closer look, I began to notice it come alive with butterflies and dragonflies.  The birds had also used the grasses  for nesting.  Above, the barn swallows circled, catching insects in the air as we passed through.  Queen Anne's lace turned the field white, milkweed flourished, and clover bloomed.  It wasn't mowed like a well manicured yard this year.  Looks kind of "unkept" from the road.  But I know the secrets this field holds in the tangle of growth.  Some would say "it is a weedy field", others know it is a host  of plants for insects to thrive.  I suppose we will mow, after the frost or I could call it a natural prairie and leave it.  I still ponder what to do with my "butterfly pasture" now.  Did the rabbits move in and call it home?  I know there are field mice there, my dogs love hunting for them.  I wish I could decide what to do..........   any ideas?

I did mow out by the tipi today, I noticed the state of the Queen Anne's Lace, it is almost spent.  The milkweed has well eaten leaves that are now turning brown, but the pods ensure a fresh stand for next years pasture.  Butterflies are still flourishing, the field is alive with butterfly wings.  I'm happy we didn't mow this summer.

Tonight is September's full moon.  My good friend, Beth is coming to stay the night in the tipi with me. Under the full moon and with the glow of a campfire inside the lodge, we will talk into the night.  I'm pretty sure we'll hear the owl and probably the coyotes, the crickets are sure to be singing as well.  My dogs will also keep us company.  Jessie the lab is alert for any unusual sounds, running out to check and then coming back in when things are safe once again.  The little dogs snuggle close on these cool nights.  A nights sleep in the tipi is like sleeping nowhere else.  Sweet dreams all, under the light of the moon.

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