Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last evening the sky looked strange, it had been cloudy and we knew it could rain, but this sky was a strange light.  It seemed to be a dirty pink color.  I always know that something is coming, a change in weather is very near.  It wasn't long before the thunder and lightening began.  Our dog was looking for a place to hide, the wind pick up and soon it was really storming.  This storm was rather fierce, it came from the east, always worse from that direction.  We got almost 2 inches of rain from that storm that only lasted little more than an hour.

I like storms for the most part, I remember as a little kid playing in the rain.  We would run and laugh at the storm that was soaking us to the skin.  I also remember trying to get the hay up before a rain, being caught in the hayfield as the sky empties.  That wasn't as much fun as purposely playing in the rain. 

This summer, my grand daughters Cait and Lizzy, spent the night with me in the tipi.  At 5am I hear this little voice calling for me.  It was Lizzy, she said, "Grandma, there is lightening outside."  Yes, Lizzy, I told her all would be fine.  By this time Cait was awake and I knew we were not going back to sleep.  I really wasn't ready to get up, just a little more sleep.  Instead we got up and went outside to close the tipi flaps. This closes the top of the lodge to keep major rain out.  It still will come in, just where all the poles meet.  They were hoping we were going to the house.  I wasn't ready to leave the lodge just yet.

It wasn't long before the thunder and lightening was upon us.  The thunder was really loud and booming.
The girls and I just talked about things while we lay on our sleeping bags.  The comment that most pleases me came from Cait.  She said, during some major thunder booms, "Grandma, the ground vibrates when it thunders, just like when you feel the drum after you beat on it."  I call this really feeling the heart beat of Mother Earth.

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