Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Complete Quiet

Just a few days ago I wrote about having ten days of no schedules, no cooking and complete quiet.  Well things never work out as I think they should.  I have been pretty good with the no schedules, only a few things here and there that were easily managed.  No cooking is not as easy, you have to eat. 

The complete quiet is not exactly going down as I thought it should.  Again, I was not perfectly clear when I manifested the thought of "complete quiet".  I have found you have to be very clear, when you think you want a particular thing to happen.  Having my wonderful husband gone for almost two weeks has given me one side of quiet.  No need to explain why I parked my car in a different place in the barn yard, or where I hid the butter in the refrigerator, Nice quiet.

I didn't bargain for not being able to talk for the last four or five days!  No kidding, I have acquired the worst cold I've had in years.  My throat hurt, coughing started, runny nose today and I don't believe I have never sneezed so often!  The worst part, I lost my voice!  I can only croak out words and sometimes it is painful enough I don't even care to talk.  Really, this is not what I had in mind for complete quiet!  

I struggle to answer the phone, people think I just woke up and it is six in the evening.  My brother is home from Seattle, stopped by to visit and I can't talk!  He didn't stay long, not sure if it had to do with my company or my germs.  I am suppose celebrate his visit with family tonight, I really don't know if anyone wants me to come.  They don't care for my new friends, Coughing and Sneezy.  Someone suggested I wear a mask to protect the innocent. 

So the last four days have been totally unproductive, I can only work in the studio in little blocks of time, then I find a place and try to nap, sleep at night is broken and restless.   My ribcage hurts from coughing and I can't breath well.  I'm living on tea and honey and have had suggestions to raid the top shelf for something stronger.  I carry my cell phone and a box of tissues everywhere I go.

I'd really love to call my friends and chat on the phone, to override my boredom, but I can't.  I guess I got my wish for complete quiet!  The moral of this story, "Be careful what you wish for!".

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  1. Hope you're feeling better! It's hard to imagine a quiet you!