Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh No, Not Again!

I am sharing with you the root, the beginning, the instant a new creative moment starts to take hold of me!  Oh, it will not be easy to explain how this happens, but I am going to try.  Some of you already know exactly the feeling, the moment, the very instant that seed begins to sprout!  It stirs something inside you that cannot be denied!

This morning I am casually reading other blogs I follow.   This one is called 30 journals 30 days.  I have never been really interested in making art journels, mainly because I keep a daily journal and now a blog, why do I need to do an art journal?  Maybe I don't, you know what is really pulling me in, it is doing a small art projects that combines so many mediums into a little book!  I have read several blogs by different artists doing art journels and there are even You Tubes of them actually doing the work.  I am one of those people that LOVES to be shown how to do something.   A hands on kind of girl!  It has totally effected my ability to think clearly!

Well, while watching one of the You Tubes this morning I felt the stirring of excitement in my stomach, pretty shortly my mind started racing, my hands started vibrating.  I wanted to stop everything and go out to the studio!  I think of all my little scraps of paper, I think of all my little single thoughts about this or that, I think of paint colors, my clean brushes, and I wonder if I have a book that could become an art journal.  I can hardly sit and write this because of the excitement I am feeling. 

I cannot let myself be pulled into another obsession today!   I MUST finish laundry, I MUST pack the van and I MUST focus on the wonderful art show I'm going to this weekend!  Lilyfest has to be my top priority!

Maybe if I hurry, I can get one page done before I leave for Lilyfest tomorrow afternoon...........   Oh dear, I am loosing control, I just can't wait to try an art journel!  I'll keep you posted on how my day evolves!

See for yourself!


  1. Cynthia...we can't lose something we don't have and control is one of those things.
    Art is number one priority with you!
    Honor the call and gift God has given you and go for it.... like I need to tell you to go for it(lol)

  2. Hi Cynthia, Just bumped into your blog and thought I'd introduce myself. You make me smile because I see myself trying to balance domestic and creative work. Pushed and pulled.
    Beautiful photo.
    I've seen the You tube art journals and wanted to do one too. Maybe I will now one page at a time. I'll be back to visit.