Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, July 23, 2010

Living My Dreams

I am finally returning to normal, well I prefer to think of  it as normal.  Most think I'm not exactly normal, but that is okay, I'm pretty happy in this state of "normal". 

I had lunch with friends yesterday, while working at Village Artisans, the co-op that I belong to.  I might explain that this co-op of artists share space called, Village Artisans, is located in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  We have 20 members, all artists with wonderfully creative mediums from pottery to photographs, from silk scarves to gourds and so on.   We work twice a month in the shop as the shop keeper.  It is always fun to see something new an artist is doing and talking to people that come into the shop.  Okay, back to lunch with my friends..........

We were talking about dreams.  Many people say they don't dream, I believe they just don't remember their dreams.  I make a real effort to remember my dreams and it helps to write them down or share them as quickly as possible.  Even then they seem to fade into the far away places in my head and are maybe forgotten.  I love reading about a dream that was recorded, some of the details may have faded and it is fun to be reminded. 

So I have had a couple dreams that I want to share, it might tell something about my state of normal.  Last week my friend and I were at the INAFA convention.  By the afternoon of the third day we were on sensory overload.  My friend wanted to walk to a shop downtown and I could only think of taking a nap.
My nap was one and a half hours and I woke refreshed.  I met my friend and we went to dinner and then on to the evening concerts.  The concerts lasted until 10:30 pm and then there was time spent buying the Cd's and having them signed and conversations with the musician, pictures maybe and all the other important conversations with friends that happened.  We didn't get back until midnight each night and went immediately to bed, knowing that 7:00 am alarm would come quickly. 

I remember thinking that night, "Oh, I forgot to ask my friend what she bought at the jewelery store that afternoon, because she had told me that it was a cool place, I'd have to go before we left town."  The next day I remembered to ask about the jewelery store.  She says to me, "Oh, I didn't go."  I said, "Yes you did, you told me you purchased something!"  We continued to go back and forth, she claiming she didn't go because her purse was in the car and I'd driven it back to the motel.  I claiming that she was so excited about going to the shop and purchasing a piece of jewelry.  And that she said I would have to go too!
This went on a bit, neither budging with their side of the story.  It was only then I realized I must have dreamed the entire thing...........It was so REAL to me.   So now I am wondering if I am living in my dreams or dreaming real life, they seem to be too close together and I don't know what is real any longer.

I had another very powerful dream while at this event.  It was probably inspired by the energy of healing sound by the didgeridoo that was gifted to me by Rafael Bejarano.  I remember during this experience a vastness filled with the most incredible emerald colors in blues and greens and aquas.  Lots of space, like floating.......... maybe water floating.   I don't know, but the sound of the didgeridoo was surrounding me as well, and currents moved through my body.  It was great!  I couldn't begin to get up after the experience and felt the buzz long afterwards.  Even an hour later, I found myself to be dizzy and very relaxed.  It was awesome.

I had purchased Rafael's Cd and when we got back to the motel that night, I put it on as we turned off the lights and slowly drifted off to sleep.  I was again shown the colors of the emerald waters and there were whales and dolphins in this ocean of blue colors, the sun was shining.  The whales and dolphins were leaving and we were trying to call them back.  I remember we were using this long horn (it didn't sound like the didgeridoo) the song it played was the sounds of the dolphins and whales crying. 

Then next day I went to speak with Rafael, he looked at me with a smile and said, "you know I've been swimming with the dolphins.....".

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