Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Darn Hot in Ohio

I can't believe how hot and humid it is here in Ohio!  It has been so hot here that walking into our house is like opening the refrigerator door and stepping inside.  At night the windows develop condensation on the outside and you can't see through the window.  When the windows are like this, we know it is very hot and humid outside.  Readings of 92 degrees and 96% humidity is HOT!

On top of this heat the chance of a thunderstorm is bound to cause the sky to explode, bringing fast hard rain, thunder and lightening.  The coolness that follows such a storm is brief.  Often times it creates another steam bath of humidity dripping weather, only to bring another summer thunderstorm.

Yesterday was such a day.  One more equation was added to this heat, we were outside under an Easy-up tent doing a fine art show!  It was so darn hot that within ten minutes of setting up my booth, I was sweating enough to look like I'd taken a shower in my clothes.  This show was within five miles of home, so I was able to sneak away.  I went home for a quick shower.  Within ten minutes of returning I was damp with sweat. 

The show was filled with amazing artists!  Most people enjoyed the tree shaded lawn, I felt so sorry for those who were not under the shade of trees.  The temperature difference was so much cooler in the shaded spots.  Our tree always had friends lingering nearby to be cool.  We were all like wilted flowers on a sunny day.

Then it happened, little bursts of cool breezes would shoot through the grounds, as we looked toward the sky we saw the dark clouds moving our way.  People that have cell phones were able to view the weather map and saw the storms moving our direction.  Nothing serious, but rains were coming, sides were let down and anchored to the booths, people who sprawled outside their space condensed themselves into the 10x10 tent.  People would crowd into the booths to stay out of the sudden downpour.  We found out later that an inch of rain came in that thirty minute shower. 

Many vendors decided to pack it up early, even though there was another couple hours left to the show.  The shower only cooled us off briefly.  It got steamy hot and another storm was moving into the area.  Most managed to get packed up before the second storm.  It was an abrupt end to the show and yet I think all the vendors were happy to call it a day. 

I was lucky enough to have the most amazing friends and a wonderful husband helping me pack up my gourds and carry all my booth stuff to the van!  We all got good and wet.   The tents and table coverings are still trying to air dry.  Humidity is still heavy and storms are still a possibility today.  I am looking forward to cooler days in the near future, it is already mid August, how long can this heat possibly last?

We got home to signs that the power had been off, the phones have no dial tone and I think my little DSL modem is blown again!  I am getting tired of these little annoyances!  Darn it is hot............


  1. Oh Cynthia --- I am not looking forward to that humidity! I hope it breaks a little in the next week and a half......

  2. I didn't see you leave! was it before/during/ or after the first storm? we packed up in between the two storms. It would have been a nice evening if round 2 had stayed away, much cooler!