Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It Seems Small, And Yet.......

Sometimes it is just the smallest thing that catches your eye and you continue to watch in amazement.

Today I went to the tipi for a little nap.  It had been a busy day, I gotten up early to finish a few little things before Massie Creek Flute Circle was to start at 9:30 am.  It was a perfect day to have the circle in the yard, the temperatures were cooler than they have been all week. The trees provided shade, mostly.  I brought out the big drum for playing.  Shortly my friends started to arrive. 

What fun we had playing flutes, visiting, and drumming.  The drum was good today, loud and powerful.  It all felt good, a "flute fix" for sure.  Many stayed around until almost 2 pm, there is always so much to talk about.

When everyone left, I sat outside under the trees, feeling very blessed by such good friends.  I played my flutes to the sudden quietness, feeling happy and lonesome at the same time.  It was over too quickly.  Later I start putting things back in their places, the drum goes back to the studio, tables and chairs to the van for my next show, flutes back in the house.

Suddenly I am very tired, I hear the tipi calling to me.  Yes, even with it's shredded side because of the storms eariler in the week.  I long to go out there to take a nap.  As I lay on the ground in the tipi, and gazing toward the sky through the torn canvas, I see the red-tail hawk fly over.  I watch the butterflies flutter from plant to plant in the pasture.  It is amazing the movement of this summer pasture.  Sleep came easily.

A nap of an hour or more steals my time.  I am awakened by the phone, I smile as the ring tone sings Lionel Richie's song "Hello".  The first line is, "Hello.  Is it me you're looking for?", I love that ring tone!  After I talk to my friend, I lay on the earth and the smallest thing catches my eye.  I reach for my glasses so that I can focus.  It is a busy little ladybug!  She goes quickly up a blade of grass, only to reach the end as the grass bends from her weight and drops her gently to another blade of grass.  An so she goes from one grass stem to another, seeming to be in such a hurry and getting no where.  I wonder is she eating along the way, things so small I can't even begin to see?  Why is she in the tipi?  I have always found them in the yard, close to the house, among the trees.  Is she lost?  Then upon closer look I see another, further away.  She is traveling in the same manner.  I wonder if she likes the free fall as the blade of grass gives under her.  Just then a dog walks through the grass were my ladybug friend was.  Could my little dogs weight hurt the ladybug, what a giant my twelve pound dog must be to a ladybug!  Soon I see her climbing another blade of grass, all is well with the world.

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  1. I love this, Cynthia! Thanks for sharing your "meandering thoughts." A wonderful reminder that every little creature on our beautiful Earth has a purpose to be here among us.