Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Outlaw Husband

Do you ever think that you are living in the wrong time period?  For instance, my husband is very attracted to the old west.  He has watched all the old westerns on TV, not just once, he watches them over and over.  He knows the actors, the kind of guns they carry in the movie and his favorite movies have John Wayne in them.  It matters not if the movie is black and white or color.  If you ask him if he has seen this movie or that movie, he'll ask you if it has John Wayne in it!  It has been difficult over the years to get him go to take me to the movie theater or watch other types of TV movies.  This explains why we both have our own TVs.

My wonderful husband has over the years acquired the perfect black hat, long coat,  vest, shirt and scarf and on a trip to Santa Fe found  the best boots ever.   They come almost to his knees.  Richard started growing a beard in 1976 and has kept it since that time.  We have watched his beard and hair go grey at an early age.  It now is snow white.  He was mistaken for Kenny Rogers, back when people knew that Kenny Rogers as a country/western singer, something I'd forgotten until the other day.   It was always interesting to go somewhere for dinner and have people stare, only to have them ask later if he was Kenny Rogers.


Well, my wonderful husband has become a You-Tube video star!  He has always been a star to me and others who know him, maybe not  to the rest of the world.  He did a photo shoot a couple  weeks ago in our own back yard.  He was dressed in his black clothes,  guns on his hips and a rifle in  his hand.   Our friend John Two-Hawks took the photos and put them to one of his new  songs under the band name "Badlanders".  The song is titled "Legend of the Outlaw".
We played the video for our two grandsons and they were sooooo impressed!  Their Grandpa was a gun slinging outlaw in a video!  They watched with their own play guns and holsters on their hips, eyes open wide in amazement.  Our three year old grand daughter looked at her Grandpa and said, "Will you make a movie of me too?"  Grandpa is their hero!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your husband's imaginary life! Beautiful setting, your backyard. You are truly blessed.
    Warmest regards Elizabeth