Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunwatch Memories

My heart is exploding with joy I found this weekend at the Sunwatch Flute and Art Gathering.  I often find it hard to relate such feelings of utter contentment.  Only because it touches the inside of me with such fierceness.  It is difficult to be so filled with this joy, love and peace and then TRY to return to the fast pace world of living, without loosing those weekend feelings.  I want to hang onto every moment, every conversation, every smile, every warm hug, and every flute note that danced through the village at Sunwatch.

I want to remember the conversations, the sharing of ideas, thoughts and art between the vendors.  Meeting new people, sitting awhile to chat.  Learning about them, hearing their story, their journey with their art, and wanting to know more.  It is a special time when you are gifted with such friendships, I hold these moments close to my heart.  I want to know more and hope our paths will soon cross again.

I want to remember the dragonflies that landed and the flutter of the butterflies.  I want to hear the Canada geese fly over and the gold finches singing in the nearby tree.  I want to remember the heat of the sun and the relief of sitting in the shade of these trees.  I want to remember the the joy of seeing beautiful artistic flutes that artists have created with such love.  I want to remember walking barefooted on the warm earth, where the first peoples walked years and years ago.  I want to remember with gratitude the gentle breezes that would occasionally sweep though the grounds with delight, teasing us with summer warmth and the promise of fall. I want to remember the smell of sage smoke in the air as it drifted throughout the village.  I smell it now as I write this and I have none burning.

I want to remember the people that were kind enough to come in my booth and look at my gourds and say nice things, some even purchased a piece to take home.   Will they know the love and spirit I felt when creating that gourd design?  I'm pretty sure they will or they wouldn't be taking it home with them.  I am so grateful for everyone who stopped by my booth to talk and share.  That is the gift they brought to me.

I want to remember the friends that gathered at the back of my booth, to sit, rest, play their flutes and visit.  The circle of chairs was big at times and then small at other times.  I want to remember the Massie Creek Flute Circle who gathered to listen while Brent Haines talked about "Playing Together at a Flute Circle".  He is a wonderfully kind and friendly soul that smiles easily and  makes incredibly beautiful flutes!

I want to remember my friends that helped me load up my booth at the end of the show.  It was so very hot, they went above and beyond to make it easier for me to pack up to go home.  The life of an artist isn't easy, packing up is never fun.  It is so nice when friends are willing to help, I will remember them with so much gratitude and love.

I want to remember how hard it was to say goodbye.  Tears sting my eyes this moment, the thoughts of how long a time it will be before I'll be able to gather with them again makes me sad.  I miss them already and it was only yesterday that we parted.   What is it about this flute family that my heart longs for?  I think I answered that question in my meandering thoughts above.  Blessings to all who made my weekend special.


  1. Seems like you had a wonderful time Dear Cynthia. Would love to attend one of those gathering some time. Blessings Morten

  2. I think it is what I told my friend who gave up her weekend to help out at my booth. It is a big family --- one that , for the most part, gets along and actually enjoys each other's company. When we left I told her that she is now one of the "flute family" especially since she left with two flutes that were gifted to her!