Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Another Flute Fix

We are gearing up for the next big "flute fix".  I'm excited because it is in my area, I only have to travel to Dayton, a good half hour drive from my house.  This will be my fourth flute gathering for this year.  Each have been different and interesting.  It would be difficult to pick a favorite.

I have found there are certain things that make these events interesting and worth attending.  It helps if all the vendors and performers are willing to leave their egos at the door, creating a place of balance and peace, giving the opportunity for all to be a shining star in their own right, supporting one another and encouraging all of us who are less talented on our journey with the flute.

Then it is the flutes, the beautiful hand crafted Native American style flutes are amazingly different from booth to booth.  Now who would think, they are all made in the same basic way, but each has their own sound and their own song.  The more vendors the better!  I love looking at the drums, the bead work and other amazing art.  You just have to touch and play them all to discover their own special gift! 

The next important factor is the vendors, they have become friends.  They are people that are as close as a call on my phone or a quick email,  just to keep in touch between events.   They are like dear family, brother and sisters, each sharing a part of themselves as well as their creative gifts.  I have new friends from across the United States because of these flute gatherings!  It has been a real blessing!

I love the music, most events have a variety of amazing talent that perform before a crowd of grateful listeners.
I have enjoyed hearing performers from all around our country, learning their sound, talking with them, buying their Cd's and listening to them in workshops.  I marvel at the talent featured at these events.  It is wonderful to go to these flute gatherings knowing that I'm going to be treated to new and amazing performers.  The Potomac Flute Festival doesn't have the same performers two years in a row, giving us a chance to be exposed to different performers and their music style.  I love the variety of artists brought in to make this happen, it opens the doors for us to learn about many other wonderfully talented people.

Then there are the workshops I have participated in.  So many have been awesome.  Everything from drumming with Sterling Green, a masterclass with Cornell Kinderknecht, and playing with other instruments, with Ann Licater. Other favorite classes were taught by Randy Granger, Mark Holland, Hawk Henry's, Kevin Locke, Brent Haines and many others.  All of these workshops were in intricate part of the flute events at Potomac, Musical Echoes and INAFA, keeping me involved and active during the entire event. 

I am already planning next years "road trips" to other flute festivals.  My good friend and I are hoping to go to Zion Flute Festival (Utah) in May.   We are looking forward to hearing our dear friend, John Two-Hawks perform at the Zion Flute Festival 2011.  We are looking forward to hearing other musical artists that we haven't heard before.  Of course, we are marking our calendars for Potomac and Musical Echoes too.  I don't expect to grow tired of these festivals, they are so much fun!  

This weekend at the Sunwatch Flute Festival will be fun because I am a vendor at this event.  I enjoy not only talking flutes but also gourds.   I meet so many nice people that come into the Wild Gourd Studio Booth!   Many are now Facebook friends, it has been fun getting to know them and keeping connected.  I am pretty amazed at the flute community on Facebook!  The world of the Native American style flute is very big and I love being connected to them all!  Stop by my gourd booth and say hello on August 28 and 29, 2010.

Photos of friends, performers, teachers and vendors from various flute events.

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