Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My dear friend Linda and I spend lots of quality time together.  We are high school friends that connected again after 30 some years of living our lives.  We suddenly seem to be sharing the same path after so many years.  We have learned many lessons on our separated journeys.  We often talk about things that happened and how we reacted to events that changed our whole perception of what we thought and where we thought were going.

I'm am constantly amazed about the fact that one door will close, sometimes be slammed closed, in my face.  I could stand in front of that door being shocked, hurt to the point of crying or maybe even happy that door closed.  I know now there is another door waiting to open.  I may open it with hesitation and reluctance, in most cases I just open it and plunge inside.  I never know what will be behind that door.  Can I waste time worrying about that?  Can I waste time standing at the door that was closed in my face?  The answer to both questions is "NO",  I just rush through that door.  I am not easily held back.  It is not to say that I didn't stumble across the threshold on more than one occasion.  I have a few scars on my knees (heart) because of those falls.  Those were lessons in my life and I hope I'm stronger because of them. 
Way back, when I was just living life, being a Mom and wife.  I probably spent too much time worrying about things I had no control over.  It is so much easier now to just go with the flow.  I am grateful that at last I am learning that lesson.  It's amazing when I open a new door now I am looking for the pleasure of new adventures and wonderful friends that will enter my life with such ease.  Life is AMAZING! 

I say decorate your doors with beautiful wreaths and flower gardens as you walk the path to the next door, open the door and be joyful!  Your next new adventure is about to happen, ready or not! 

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