Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Little Home

Our home is a wonderful place that sits on 12 acres of land.  My horses have most of the rights to this twelve acres.  Their pasture is big for just the two of them.  But then I know there is more going on out there that two horses grazing.

I have written a couple blogs about my family history or lack of it.  Today I have decided to tell you about the house we live in and how connected we are to things and don't even know it.

When I was a young girl, maybe ten, we lived in a woods back a long lane.  Surrounding this medium sized forest of trees were farm fields.  One of these fields belonged to us and the other three belonged to two other neighbors. 

One day an unexpected car drove down our long lane, the driver and his wife got out and talked to my Dad.  They wanted to walk back to a place in our neighbors field where a house once sat.  The gentleman talking explained that when he was a child, he lived in this house with his grandparents.  And so they went on their adventure to the place where a house once sat in the middle of a big farm field.  I wonder now if when he lived with his grandparents, if there were trees surrounding that home, if there had been a barn of some kind and why this man came to live with his grandparents as a child.  Did he live there full time, how old was he when he lived there, were there other children there, I could continue............

The summer of my sixteenth year, I met a young man who is now my wonderful husband.  We dated until I was twenty and then married.  I then had a new family to get to know and learn about.  Although, I should have been more interested and paid more attention, much has been forgotten.

I do remember this however.  Richard's Grandfather was the gentleman that came to our house in the woods ten years before we married.  The other amazing part of this story............   We live in the house that used to sit in that farmer's field.  We found out after we moved into this humble house, that it had been moved from the farm field, closer to the road, back in the fifties.

I love these little webs that keep showing up in my life.  Isn't it AMAZING?

picture of our home on Tarbox-Cemetery Road in 2010.

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