Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Floating on a "Flute Cloud"

It's never easy when coming home from a vacation.  My best girlfriend and I have just returned from six days in heaven.  We went to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  It is in the Gulf Coast area.  My wonderful husband could not go with us, this is his busiest time of year, in the spring, he helps the Ag. teacher in the shop every morning at the school he has retired from.  Our critters need to be cared for and his real retirement job is mowing and grounds care for a home on the other side of Cedarville.  Plus this is planting season, he also farms a little on the side.   Did I say he retired? 

So my friend and I drove to Florida, we were attending for the first time Musical Echoes, a Native American Flute, Art and Cultural Festival.  We were excited enough to drive the thirteen hour trip in one day!  Having never been to this part of Florida when we saw the white beaches and beautiful Emerald Coast with white sands, we couldn't stop smiling!   I worry this morning that the oil spill from the off shore drilling disaster will touch this beautiful coastline and all the life that lives in these waters will be harmed.  Sending flute prayers today for all that live in these waters.

The exciting part about this trip is knowing that we'd be meeting up with friends who would be performing, friends that were vendors and friends we have come to know at other flute events.  It is always fun when people come together and share a common interest.  This is a "flute family" we are associated with and it is an amazing family. 

Because of some very wonderful friends, we were invited to go out on a pontoon boat the day before the festival was to begin.  Armed with sunscreen and food, we played in the water, walked the beach and generally soaked up the sun and the company and friendships offered.  What a wonderful day.  Can you have "too much fun"?

Our wonderful friends are vendors at the festival.  It was our pleasure to help them prepare their booth for the weekend.  As it turned out, because of the evening winds and storms, their booth had to be dismantled each evening and prepared again each morning!  Vendors work really hard at events with weather issues!
Helping them was always fun and many hands make fast work.

I entered the Art competition, the theme was Red-Tailed Hawk.  I made a beautiful gourd bowl with a carved Red-Tailed Hawk, some carved feathers, turquoise beads were inlaid and it got a third place ribbon!

It's hard to put a finger on what part of the festival we liked the most.  Of course hearing the different artist's perform is always wonderful.  Maybe it was trying out all the amazing flutes, maybe it was all the awesome people we talked to, many strangers, never to see again.  Many are now new friends who share our common love of the Native American Style Flute.  Perhaps it was talking to the performers, getting Cd's signed and becoming acquainted with their music style.  I can't forget the fun we had at the Drum Circle, it was awesome and it wasn't long enough!  Or maybe it was the big Flute Circle that formed back at the conference room of the motel because the evening concerts were cancelled due to weather.  Sixty-five people came, memories of Hawk Littlejohn were shared. Flutes and drums were played, it was AMAZING!

Between moments at the Emerald Coast beaches and the festival, we were definitely on cloud nine!  It is hard to relate all the funny things that happened and  hard to share how much love is in this community of flute people.  It is truly heart warming seeing people come together to help one another, pray for one another and I am blessed to be a part of this caring family.  I long for the next event.  In the mean time we will keep in touch by phone, emails and facebook.

Can you tell, I am having difficulty coming down from the "flute cloud"?  I want to hold tight to the moments.  I look at the photos, I am back again, at Ft. Walton, Florida.

I better make a list of things I need to do...... the real world will not wait on me to come down from my moments of flying.   I must get my feet back on the ground, finding a new washer is today's project, how is that for reality? 

I am looking forward, our Flute Circle meets on Saturday, yes, I can go back to my "flute cloud" again!

Photos:   Upper right, the Emerald Coast, Florida
               Middle left, me standing at the landing in Ft.Walton
               Lower right, some performers & guests at Musical Echoes

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