Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Meanderings

I have found writing blogs to be a revealing experience.  Most is good, some are surprising and others are very interesting.  I like writing these chapters about my life, my memories.  It is somewhat healing and it also causes me to organize my thought about things. 

I called my blog "Meandering Thoughts" for a couple of reasons.  I have many things I wanted to write about, not one topic would cover the bases and if you have been reading these stories, I do sometimes seem to meander a little or a lot!

I maybe should have written this as the opener to my blogging, kind of like the forward to the book.  I didn't know then what I know now, after nearly a hundred entries.  I know now the reason for writing this type of journaling.  Is to keep a history of what I remember, what I want to remember and what I want my grandchildren's children to know about the life of someone in their family's history.  Much of my family history has closed doors and that hurts me a little, not knowing about my ancestors.

Maybe it is a vain attempt by me to not be forgotten.  When we stop remembering someone, do we stop honoring their life on this earth?  It hurts me that my family's history is lost to share with my children, I have no way to honor my ancestors with my children and grandchildren.  This is why I write these blogs. 

Could I have found a more private way to share?   I have found that being accountable to followers that read my meanderings, makes me continue.  In old times people didn't have the distractions or entertainments that keeps families from talking and sharing stories each day.  In the past people sat at the table and while they ate, they shared.  Or they sat around the campfire or fireplace and talked.  We find ourselves being pulled away from taking time to share.  I want to share my history, I want to be remembered, I worry that is arrogant and vain.  I am not really that kind of person, it is more about the things we did as a family and the wonderful life we shared, not really about me at all.  I was only one character in the big picture.  It's the picture of all that played with me in this wonderful life.
Oh you can't live in the past, I wouldn't want to do that.......  but somehow we have to connect with the past to know who we are today.  Who helped teach us the way?  Were those teachings and knowledge used to guide us to be who we are now? 

I'm meandering again, later friends.

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