Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, April 30, 2010

Trying to Come Back

I've been thinking about things I need to be doing since I've come home from Musical Echoes.  Something happened while I was gone, spring took over in Ohio.  Not only did the yard need mowed, the trimming really got away from my wonderful husband.  I feel like we have been playing catch up and I was only gone a week!

It is hard to get back into the swing of things when you have a little vacation that totally absorbed every part of your being.  The little sunburn has since browned my skin, the waves at the beach are still in my mind and in my heart.  Most of all, I can still hear the sounds of Native American Flute music.  It was everywhere, people trying flutes all around the Ft.Walton Landing, music on stage by some of the best musicians across the country, newly purchased Cd's playing in the car.  Playing my own flutes with the wind, water and birds.  Magic happened last weekend for me, I want to keep that weekend close.  I'm afraid if I get too busy here at home, I'll stop remembering the special things that happened. 

Oh, I know you don't really forget these things.  I do know from past experiences that you loose some of the sensations.   For example, it's like having winter surrounding you, you see snow and it is very cold, can you remember how hot it was the summer before?  Sure you remember, but you lost the sensory response of that summer heat and humidity.  Maybe that is why I appreciate the change of seasons, they ease you into the next season, that gradual change is less difficult to experience depth of the next season.  I am not yet ready to loose the consciousness of warmth between  friends, the sounds of the beach and the music in the air all around me.

So forgive me if my blog is repetitive, my laundry lays unfolded, my gourds await artwork and I'm still not ready to give up my trip.  I hope having flute circle this Saturday will help with the adjustment, moving me gradually back to the other world, the one where my feet must touch the ground and while I'm here on the ground....  well, I will start manifesting the next flight into the world I left the other day.

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