Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hitting the Road

Taking a trip?  Let the lists begin.  I am a seasoned traveler.  I have taken children and horses into the wilderness with a pick up truck and a sixteen foot trailer.  In the back of that truck was horse gear, horse hay/grain and water buckets.  Also, sleeping bags, tent, coolers, food for the family, extra coats, boots and chairs. Did I forget to mention the camp stove and maybe wood for a campfire.  I always checked the list so nothing was forgotten.  We'd pile into the truck and head out to a remote area to camp and spend the weekend riding horses.  What a blast!

I remember one trip, a girth belt was forgotten.  Trisha had to ride her horse bareback, a girth belt is necessary to hold a saddle on a horse.  We did some pretty major hills, she held onto mane while the horse climbed those hills.  More than once her grip on the mane was all that kept her on the horse.  She didn't forget that girth belt again.Food is always major when camping with kids, if they get hungry then they get grumpy.  We always had lots of food.  Camping was always a time when you brought lots of snack stuff, kids are always hungry when they are outside and playing.

We have traveled a lot, we went to California with horses in a motor home, we have traveled by car and truck and plane.   Nothing beats traveling across country.   I love seeing the land, getting to know different areas.   We have been to Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, Maine, Arkansas, Washington state, Canada and all the states in between.  I couldn't begin to list them all, every state held an adventure and story.  I should maybe list the states we haven't explored......

When my wonderful husband and I take a trip, there are rules.  I cannot pack any higher than the windows, otherwise he can't see out.  I wonder why we have mirrors?  Of course, when we travel together, we have a little problem with bringing things home and the car does seem to get fuller and fuller with stuff.   One trip to Santa Fe and on to Sedona, produced drums and other amazing gourd adornments to bring home.  I had antlers, leather, beads, and then there were gifts for the kids and grand kids!   There are always things that get put in the car that we never use, but we are prepared.  A sleeping bag, things for cooler weather and things for warmer weather.  Always a cooler, reading material, Cd's (we don't share the same taste in music, unless it's country), notebook to keep count of the hawks and eagles.  Blanket and pillow, naps are a must when you travel across country.  Need I go on?

When my dear friend and I travel together and we do often, we both wonder why we take so many clothes.  Usually it is one big bag and one small bag of necessary clothes and stuff.  Always a pillow and blanket, she is always cold and I'm always warm in the car.  Flute music is a must, flutes, maybe drums, a cooler and snack stuff.  We also take a tarot cards and Animal Speak and a bird book, very necessary items.

She and I are headed to Florida tomorrow.  My wonderful husband is staying home to take care of the critters.  The dogs always pout when I leave, they start when they see me packing the bags.  To leave on a trip without Richard requires another list.  I must make sure he has plenty of food in the house, he will have to cook for himself and maybe even run the washer if necessary.   I have to be sure all the critters have food, can't run out while I'm gone!  Richard doesn't like some of the things I leave him to take care of, water the flowers, clean the kitty litter, feed the fish and mow the yard.  He does a great job when I'm gone, but as soon as I'm back those jobs are all mine!

Oh dear, I feel another list coming on, don't forget the maps, address of the place we are staying, phone numbers of friends we'll be meeting up with and a little extra cash for a new flute?   Maybe I'll take a few gourds, do you think someone will make a trade?   Oh my gosh, I can't forget to take some postcards and greeting cards, and I'm entering a gourd in the art contest, do I have the paperwork for the entry?  Now were are my sandals?  Gosh, I'll need sunscreen and a hat for Florida!  Oh no, I should paint my toenails for those sandles.  Oh dear, there must be something I'm forgetting.......


  1. Loved your comment "I wonder why we have mirrors"

  2. Oh Morten, when I used to haul horses around, Richard was always telling me to check my mirrors! Used to drive me crazy! So of course, I have to remind him when I'm packing above the window line.... "to use his mirrors"! Sometimes he has no sense of humor! LOL