Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is filled with tens.....    What exactly does that mean to you?  There are many who believe this is of major importance in an energetically spiritual way.  I dunno, I guess it is always interesting when all the dates and time are in line, a rarity for sure......  a once in a life time minute. 

Did I think of this day back in 1978?  No, I was only thinking about the new bundle of joy that was brought into our little family.  Her Birth Day was predetermined, she came by C-section in the morning around 8am. (oh dear, what kind of Mother doesn't remember the exact time?)   All pink and perfect she came to join her brother, Ryan and her sister, Trisha, each three years apart and all with fall birthdays. 

My memory of Emily about that time was what an easy baby she was to care for.  She seemed very contented and comfortable in her family.  What I remember MOST about this time was her "awake" time was between 10 PM and 2 AM at night.  Most babies are happy, talkative and most alert during the morning or maybe afternoon hours.  No, not our Emily, she loved being awake in the late hours of the night, when I was most tired and needed some quite time!  She was also a thumb sucker.   I actually liked that she was, you know the thumb never gets lost!  However, before she got braces they put something in the roof of her mouth to stop that thumb sucking.  She remembers that well, even today.

She also had a favorite "blankie".  Actually, she had two that were identical, I was smart enough to know that two allows one to be washed and dried while she carried the extra one around.  I always laughed at how important the blankie was in times of stress.   Although, I think it may have actually been more important to her sister, Trisha.  Trisha also had a blankie and she loved it so much.  She found great comfort in it when she was upset or tired.  So whenever Emily cried, the blanket was the first thing Trisha grabbed to give her baby sister.  Trisha also did this to our family friend's baby.  Their daughter was born between Emily and Trisha, my two girls created another blankie baby.  The interesting part, when my friend's next baby was born, between my two girls and her older sister, she too became a "blankie baby".   Oh, the things we teach are so innocent and subtle sometimes.  It's only afterwards that you can connect the dots.

Emily took her first steps in a Seattle airport, she was nine months old.  We had taken a trip out to Seattle to spend some time with my brother and his wife.  When most babies are beginning to eat baby food from a jar, Emily would have nothing to do with it, she wanted real food.  Her first "real" food was a fork smashed baked potato, I believe this was on a trip to Maine with friends when she was about six months old.  We never got her to eat another jar of food after she tasted that.

Emily tagged along after her brother and sister, learning from them all the things she needed to learn.  When she wasn't happy with something they took from her, she took matters in her own hands or should I say mouth!  She would bite them if she wasn't happy!  Mostly she did this to Trisha.  Trisha would come and show me the red tooth marks on her arm or shoulder, crying.  I'd finally had enough and told Trisha to bite her back.  (What kind of mother was I?)  Anyway, Trisha did and Emily's habit of biting stopped that day.

Emily grew up playing soccer, being in 4-H and playing volleyball.  She went to the Greene County Career Center her last two years of high school.  Where she took the computer class and upon graduation spent the next two years at Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio in the same field.  After graduation, she decided she didn't like computers and attended Wilmington College to become a teacher.  She is an Intervention Specialist teacher in Springfield City Schools.

Today you can find her riding her bike, running or working out at the Fitness Cellar.  She wears tye-dye shirts that she created, they are usually pink or blue in the color.  She has a cat that you don't want to try and pet and she is the coolest "Auntie Em" in the whole world. 

To say I am proud of Emily is very true.  Emily's greatest talent comes from her heart.  She is always there to help me with anything just for the asking.  She is often doing the little things that help make the big difference.   I know she has many friends that find this to be true for them as well.  Her sweet nature mixed with sharp wit and a little sarcasm make her a true delight and joy in my eyes.  I love my youngest with all my heart.  Happy Birthday Emily on 10-10-10.   Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Photo is with her neice, Tatum.

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