Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Look into Past Anniversaries

Anniversary's are always special.  They should be honored in thought, if not in action.  I have found that just the mere act of acknowledging our  anniversary with a hug and kiss is often just as special as a planned event.  We did get married on June 14, 1969, in a farmers life this is hay season.  Since I have horses, hay season is very important, sometimes more important than an anniversary celebration. 

I was trying to recall some of our Wedding Anniversaries, after forty one years, many were forgotten.  So I went to my journels to see just what was written on that date.  Richard came in to see what I'm doing and I am knee deep in my research.  He says to me, "I thought you were going outside to pack the van for your show."  Oh, I reply, "I just had a great idea for my next marriage blog."  He gives me a look that I know well.  He doesn't think when I am at the computer I am doing anything productive, even though he has read many of my writings, he really doesn't understand the my drive to write about our life.  Of course, I am familiar with this look because I have seen it all our married life.  What I consider "work" is too much like play in his eyes.   I enjoy my artistic side too much.  Work doesn't have to be physical labor, who would call this work?  I am meandering again......  after forty one years, you'd think he'd finally understand my obsessive/compulsive personality, just sayin'.  This is a topic for an entirely different blog....... "Living with a retired husband!".

Okay, back to the topic of how we have spent some of our anniversaries over the years.  I hope you enjoy reading them, it really shows a variety of adventures our life has journeyed over forty one years.

Our first Anniversary 1970-  We had just moved and we were cleaning the inside of a barn. It was a hot, dirty and dusty job!

1984 - Concerns for Grandpa Everett, he'd just had triple by-pass surgery.

1985 - We traveled to Louisville, Ky. and stayed at the very fancy Seelback Hotel.  (16th anniversary)

1988 - Serious drought conditions in our region, worry about hay and our well water, didn't celebrate.

1989 - Traveling to California in a big motor home, with family and horses.  We were at Donner Pass on our anniversary.  (20 years)

1990 - Thunderstorm brought one and a half inches of rain in thirty minutes, power out.

1991 - Our niece Carrie brought red roses over, we then took the kids and horses camping and a friend brought pizza.  Now that was camping!

1992 - Lazy Sunday, friends came to visit.....

1993 - anniversary fell on a weekday, so weekend before the 14th we were in Ohio Amish country. We
baled hay on the 14th.

1994 - Tuesday....   I was recovering from a weekend of endurance riding and family camping.  Richard was baling hay...........

1996 - We went for a drive and got ice cream.   Seemed like a date.

1997 - Rode horses at Cuyahoga Falls, contacted my high school friend, Carol ,while there. Great catching up with her.  Also a friend from NY joined us and we were surrounded by family, friends and horses.  too much fun!

1998 - Working for a Doctor at this period of our marriage.  Watching Lily with her growing puppies.  Did nothing special.

1999 - We held a big party at our home for our 30th.  We were also celebrating the graduations of  Emily, Trisha and Tere from college.  Everyone invited their family and friends, it was quite the event!

2000 - Dinner out

2001 -  Dinner with friends in Cincinnati.

2003 -  Richard had his first attack of diverticulitis, he was very sick

2004 -  Spent the day moving daughter Emily into her first house.

2008 -  Celebrated Father's Day at Ryan and Tere's house.  All the family and grand-kids came.

2010 -  No plans yet, we might go for a ride in the old Model A Ford truck.  It's getting new wheels today!

So you see, it's not the anniversary celebrations that keep the marriage successful, it is the way you spend your days together.

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