Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Show Season Begins

It is going to be a busy summer and fall for the Wild Gourd Studio.  My first show is coming in less than two weeks.   I am headed to Granville, Ohio.  The show is called Granville Art Affair and Wine Festival.  It is the second year for this event, held on the polo field in front of a mansion just barely at the edge of Granville.  Last year we had a wonderful show and even could see the polo ponies playing a game on the field during the show!

My van will be packed sometime during the week of the show.  There is always so much to remember when I go to my first show.   The display and easy-up tent are already packed in the van.  I will have to make a list of other essential things for the show before leaving.  I have already ask my dear friend to help me and she has agreed.  This is very important in the scheme of things, she is wonderful help, she knows the routine and the booth goes up pretty quickly.
So much stuff goes, there are table coverings, boxes to sit the gourds on, making them different levels, screens for the sides of the booth, this is both for a pretty booth and hanging items from.   I must remember chairs and cooler (with food and drinks), the office supplies, tables, sunscreen, and of course gourds.

Since this is the first show, I alerted my wonderful husband, so he could have the van ready, oil changed, tires checked and whatever else must happen.   I have made room reservations, two hours from home make it a little far to commute.  We will have to get up very early Saturday morning to get to the event and set up the booth.  I always feel a little frumpy when we set up the morning of the show, we are bound to get hot and sticky.  It is just too costly to set up a day before the show and spend the night.   Then we must look presentable at 10am when visitors pour into the event.  I guess I'd rather look frumpy than spend another hundred plus dollars to be fresh on show day. 

It is amazing the cost involved with doing a show.  First finding a show that is a fit is not easy.  Gourds are one of those items that has a very grey line, is it really fine art or a craft?  I call my work fine art, someone else may not.  The cost of a jury fee and booth fee are always considered.  Then there is van expenses and room expenses if you go too far from home.  That is if you are already established as an outdoor vendor.
There are always expenses to consider if you've never done this before, booth, tables, coverings and the artwork itself.  I have spent a lot of money over the years on booth expenses, gourds, and decorative accents for my projects.  All of these expenses trickle down into the price of the artwork.  I don't know any artist that really charges for the time involved in creating the art or gathering the supplies needed to finish a piece.  Oh my, I wonder if  I've blogged on this before?   Sorry, if I'm repeating myself. 

My second show of the season is my favorite!  It is held in Hocking Hills (Ohio), it is called the Lilyfest.  I know I have written about this show before, so I will not elaborate.  This show will be July 9-10-11, 2010.  My dear friend has said she would help with this show too.  I'm so lucky to find a friend that enjoys helping.  It is difficult to do a three day show alone.  Really hard to just sit in your booth for hours on end, a break now and then is wonderful.

I have some gourd projects that I need to finish up before the show next week.  I need to get away from this computer and head to the studio!   If you happen to be in the neighborhood for the upcoming shows, please stop by and chat with me.  You'll find my show schedule on the website,

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