Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moody Day

It's raining this morning.  I didn't get up to the sun shining on our little center of the world.  It is the second day of summer for Pete's sake.  Thunder is rumbling and the wind picks up a bit and then the rain comes.  It is going to be dark and gray all day according to the weather map. 

Morning coffee with the wonderful husband didn't go well, I must escape.  He can't mow and his beans haven't been sprayed, all because of the rain.  I try to sympathize by saying how I understand, my flower beds are overrun with weeds.  I get this look and am then told that the flowers are not a crop that will be lost if not sprayed.  I explain that I understand and was just trying to relate.  It's no good, we seem to be talking a different language this morning.  It's as if my morning visit with my normally reasonable husband has been rained on too. 

So it seems the mood has been set and I must figure out a way to break the spell.  I come to the computer and see what the "other" world is doing.  It seems nothing much is being said yet this morning.  Yesterday I was blessed with many phone calls from my far away friends, they brought so much sunshine to my day.  I need that again today, I need a little of their sunshine right now!  I fear this is one of those moody days, were everything is just a little off. 

Okay, I must change the direction, it's only 9:45 AM, it's going to be a long day if I don't muster up some sunshine.  I will start by going to the studio, turn on all the lights, get some music going that lifts my spirits.
The dogs are invited to share the space, looking at me hopefully for a few cat treats and then they will take a nap.  I am going to pick a gourd and create magic in my studio.  I will forget about the rain and find my own sunshine this morning.  Wish me luck!  Oh, and if you are feeling really sorry for me, call me!  I'd love to chat with you.  


  1. Okay, everything is under control and it is only noon. I have run through the cleaning this morning,making some bread, doing some laundry, talked to my best friend and my wonderful husband has gone to ..... mow? And now the sun is out! Woohoo!

  2. Ah, the rain threw me off my game plan too... Instead of sneaking in a quick ride and working the dog, I came inside, showered and went to work... The dog is still giving me that "I'm-so-disappointed-in-you" look.