Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Wedding

Our Anniversary is just around the corner.  My high school sweetheart and I were married on Flag Day, 1969.  We started dating when I was sixteen.  Our first date, we went to a high school dance, I even remember the dress I wore.  It was white background with rather large blue flowers and green leaves.  You might in fact see something similar on the streets today.  Well, that is if people were dressing up and going somewhere special.  Dresses aren't as stylish as they were back in the 60's. 

My mother made this dress for me.  Most all of our clothes were made by my mother.  I remember wearing dresses in elementary school.  By high school we all were wearing skirts and sweaters.  The TV show  Band Stand comes to mind, that was the time period and the style of clothes we wore.  I loved that show, of course I couldn't dance like they could.  I'd sit on the edge of my chair, just watching, hoping their dance moves would make their way to me.  I always felt very rhythm challenged, my insecurities about that have stayed with me all these years.

When Richard and I were engaged, we set our wedding date for six months later.  He would have just graduated from college and it seemed the perfect time to marry in June.  My mother made my wedding dress.  She started it long before June, when it was cooler.   The dress was a simple design, long A line style with a train, there was lace over the dress, long fitted sleeves that came to a point at my hand.  The veil was long and very simple, with lace on the edge and little pearls hand sewn on.  I think I still have my dress, tucked away in the cedar chest.  I haven't looked at it in years, but I still have it.

My mother also made our wedding cake.  Back in those days there was a simple reception held at the church.  All the guests visited, waiting until pictures were over to have some cake and punch.  It was all very simple and over in a few hours.  Very unlike the weddings today.  How did things get so out of control and elaborate?  About the only thing we purchased were flowers and they were for just the bridal party as I recall.

The things I remember most about the wedding are these things.....   I got my hair cut a week before the wedding,  big mistake!  We didn't go to have our hair done every month in those days, just for special occasions. Well, it was pretty short and after sleeping on rollers (that is what we did then) it was also rather curly.

I remember how hot it was, I could hardly get my dress on, the fitted sleeves that fit so nicely when it was cool, did not slide on as easily when there is humidity.  I remember the photographer was late and walked in the door as we were walking down the isle as husband and wife.  The first picture taken...... I look a little aggravated.

The last thing I remember is going home after the ceremony, hanging out awhile with the visitors there.  Then we headed to a cabin in Michigan, on Torch Lake for a week long honeymoon.

Sounds simple and quaint compared to todays weddings.  I would do it the same today, simple and quaint.


  1. sounds like the perfect wedding to me! I love the pictures ;D

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