Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Words Are Needed

Wild Gourd Studio went to a show this last weekend.  The show was almost two hours away from our home.  A wonderful friend went with me, she is always great help and really good company.  The Fine Art show we attended is held in a beautiful setting, we were on well kept grounds, lots of room to spread out and show off your art.

Just one little problem.  It is difficult to set up an easy up tent and hope it stays where you put it when thunderstorms come calling.   After ten years of outdoor shows, I have learned to anchor to the ground whenever possible.  May not look pretty, but my tent came home with me.  There were some tents that were tossed and tumbled and art ruined when a storm moved through on Saturday night.  I'm glad it wasn't worse, we had no serious rain during show hours.

When doing a show outdoors I love taking my Native American style flutes to play and will play off and on throughout the day.  These flutes will often call people my direction and maybe they'll step into the tent and look at my gourd work.  That is only part of the plan, I really love playing the flutes and find it relaxing and entertaining to myself as well.  My dear friend also plays the Native American style flute and we often play together.  It's not that we play the same songs, we play in the same key or a complimenting key.  We have learned to drone for one another or she is excellent at echoing what I have just played.  We play only what comes at that moment, what comes from our heart and through our breath and out the flute.  Sometimes we are overwhelmed at how wonderful it sounds!  We do know a couple of songs that others might recognize, Amazing Grace, Silent Night and Cherokee Morning song.   Mostly our music comes from somewhere that is unplanned and unrehearsed.  That is what we do best.

While at the show I noticed a beautiful three generation family walking around.  The grandpa was holding his little three year old grand daughters hand, she had a green balloon in the other hand and they looked like the Norman Rockwell kind of family at the art show.  I noticed while they were there, every time I picked up a flute to play, this grandpa would be somewhere nearby listening and smiling.  This went on for a good while.  As time went on, he came closer and closer to listen.  Linda and I were playing together at one point and he stood behind us, watching and listening and smiling.  I turned to him and ask if he'd like to try a flute.  He put up his hands and shook his head and said something.  The only word I understood was "China",  I realized he didn't speak English. 

The coolest part of this story..............   I have discovered two things in life, two things that is prevalent to the entire world.  Two things that everyone understands, no matter what part of the world, what your life circumstances, or what age you are.  Those two things............... a SMILE and MUSIC are universal!  Isn't that wonderful AND amazing?

Photo:  Booth at an art show 2010
            Flutes and more flutes

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  1. What a fantastic experience to share!!! i love it! You are so right, smiles and music, totally universal! love ya!