Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ice Cream

A break in the hot and humid week we have had in Ohio was celebrated last night with a trip to get ice cream.  It seems the Model A Ford truck was purchased just for this reason, to make a run for ice cream.  We haven't gone for this cool treat in some time and it's happened twice in the last month!

This trip was a little further from home to a kind of yuppie area at the edge of a busy population.  We took all the back roads to avoid people that may be in more of a hurry, the truck runs about forty MPH.  The cooler early evening is the perfect time for a drive on the country roads. 

Air conditioning consists of the windows being open.  The joy of feeling fresh air cannot be explained, there is a freedom about having the windows open and smelling the air.  The joy of actually seeing the countryside at a slower pace.  I was most upset at not taking my camera, I missed the picture of a flock of gold finches in a patch of thistle that went to seed.  There was a beautiful picture of a pond and an elderly fisherman with his pole over the water.   I also missed the mares and foals in a pasture, the foals bucking and kicking as they ran and played together.  I am astounded at the corn fields, most are taller than me and I swear, they will tassel before the Fourth of July.  In the old days, the saying for corn was, knee high by the Fourth of July.  This year it is well beyond that!  We also saw many fields of first cutting hay drying and to be baled tomorrow.  Talk about a wonderful smell...........   you just don't get that in a car with the windows rolled up as you travel four lane roads.

We arrived at the fancy little ice cream place, Richard backs into a shady spot were we can sit and have our ice cream and watch the other people coming and going.   Both of us ready for the cool treat.  Funny, we hadn't even had supper yet and we were getting ice cream!  My friend said, "Life is too short, always have desert first!" and so we did.  Richard always has a chocolate milk shake and I will usually have a hot fudge sundae.  Yummy!

My wonderful husband goes to the window to place his order.   People come and go and I am watching their reactions to our old truck.  I have noticed some interesting things about people, not the adult people, I notice the children.  I wonder what in our genes makes boys look with wonder at the old truck and little girls just skip past without a glance, obvious to the truck.  How does that happen, I didn't "teach" my son to like the mechanics of cars and trucks, I didn't teach my girls not to be interested these things, it just happened.
Oh my girls, like myself think the old truck is pretty cool, we don't need to dwell on it's coolness.

So while I'm sitting there, on my ice cream date, a man comes over and within minutes he and my date are talking about the truck.  And right there in the yuppie ice cream parking lot, my wonderful husband raises the hood of the old truck...................  I shake my head and continue to enjoy my hot fudge sundae.


  1. Ha! Reminds me of going to the horse rides and all the guys standing around looking under the hoods of trucks. The women just wanted to look at horses!
    Cool photos!

  2. Loved the story! Yep, it's in their genes, or is that jeans? Bigger boys, bigger toys. Miss you and feel a bit closer when reading your blogs. M