Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, June 18, 2010

Grandchildren are Amazing

I have enjoyed some Grandma time with my wonderful grandchildren this past couple of weeks.  Richard and I went to Kellen's sixth birthday party not too long ago.  He doesn't like birthday cake or ice cream, so we had a cookie with a candle in it.  He was all smiles when we sang Happy Birthday and his sister McKinley did the "cha cha cha" chorus.  I remember when he decided to come into this world, Richard and I were at an art show for the day.  I couldn't wait to close up the booth and go to the hospital to meet this little guy.  It is hard to believe he is six now, he'll be into kindergarten this coming fall. 

While at Kellen's birthday party this year I tried to get all six of our grandchildren to stop for a picture.  No easy task, when we ask them to sit together on the sofa, we kept saying to them, "squeeze together, squeeze together more" and then just before the cameras started clicking Baby Tatum was put on Aidan's lap.  Say "Kitty", they all smile and say, "kitty".   The picture is good, Grandma is happy.

I love it when the grandkids come to our house for a visit.  They get to do things here that is exciting and different.  Oh, we don't have the usual toys to play with, our toys are "farm toys".  They like driving the gator, brushing the horses and taking pony rides and they love when Grandpa gets the tractor out.  Our big horse pasture is a good place to practice driving. 

Cait and Lizzy have pretty much mastered driving the gator, they can start it on their own, they take turns driving, they are learning to back it and they go in and out of the gates.  They also spend time messing with the horses, putting halters on, leading them around and getting on a horse so the other can lead them.  I saw them use the gator as a mounting tool when getting on one of the horses.  Coming to Grandma and Grandpa's house is a time for finding creative things to do to keep busy.  Catching toads, filling water tanks, picking up pine cones and feeding the fish were on the agenda too.

I am looking forward to the next visit with all of the grandchildren, I am planning an art project while they are all here and a scavenger hunt around the gardens.   Maybe we'll have a campfire and hot-dogs and spend the night in the tipi. What fun!

Photos:   Upper left:  Cait, Lizzy, Aidan and Baby Tatum, Kellen and McKinley
               Other pictures of grandkids at Grandma and Grandpa's

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