Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Golden Arches

I love technology, I don't really understand how it all works, but for the most part it is very exciting to use the computer and connect with people around the world.   I love having the GPS in the car and helping me find the way around a busy city.  I love being in the right lane when getting ready to exit because our GPS friend, Clover, tells me what lane to stay in.  I don't really like it much when she doesn't trust me to follow my instincts and I pick the better route.  She argues with me when this happens, then her name is not as sweet as Clover.

When I started my Wild Gourd Studio business ten years ago, interesting things began to happen.  It has to do with my last name being McDonald.  For some reason technology has decided that we are chain eating establishment.  We live on a country road between three very small villages that have no chain restaurants.  Somehow, somewhere in the tangled web of technology our home phone number is listed as a McDonald's Restaurant.  I choose not to eat at such a place and my wonderful husband doesn't support them due to their views and support of gun control.   Not writing a political blog, just meandering a little. 

Cedarville is a college town, people come for sporting events, summer camps and whatever else that draws out-of-towners.  We have seen increased traffic on our road, some drivers are unusually slow or use our driveway to turn around in.  The most annoying thing that happens and has given me a reason not to answer the home phone, is the calls.  Just this evening I got a call about the type of toy we had, my brain couldn't comprehend what they were even talking about, I failed to follow any part of the question.  Then I found out they were talking about the new movie toy that comes with kids meals.  We have taken calls in the late night asking if we could handle a bus load of hungry kids.   My husband loves when we get that call, he always says that they are welcome to come, but his wife doesn't like to cook, might not find the kitchen open.  We have talked to drivers on their cell phones as they drive past our house, asking directions, telling us they can only find a corn field at the address their GPS is giving.  I also love it when they want to know if we are taking applications for a job.  I love telling them there is no application necessary, I have lots of jobs around the home place that need doing.  I even get mail to the restaurant chain.  It is just some quirky glitch in our modern technology I could live without.
Moral of this story, don't call me on the home phone looking for a restaurant, no one is cooking at McDonald's today.


  1. Hahahahaha.... loved this Cynthia. And by the way, didn`t McDonald in fact really have a farm, not a "restaurant" :)

  2. Oh... I'm so tempted to put a golden arch in your front yard. Great blog!

  3. Morten, yes, yes... Ole McDonald Had a Farm, we have heard that song for as long as we've been married! Of course it didn't help that my husband taught Ag. for 36 years and we do live on a farm and have had every farm animal in the song! :D

    Beth, if golden arches show up, I know where you live!!!!!