Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Mom's Blessings

Mothers Day is coming.  I am the mother of three wonderful children, Ryan, Trisha and Emily.  They would make any mother proud, I am so glad they are my children.

I remember once when Ryan was visiting a friend, he was eleven or so.  The mother of Ryan's friend said to me when I picked him up, "He is so polite, and even carried his plate to the kitchen."  I wondered if she had the wrong child, wow, some of the home training did stick.  Our children always carried their plates to the kitchen after a meal, otherwise that same plate left on the table might be used the next meal.  I hoped to instill in my children that there is always a consequence for everything, good or bad. 

Ryan is now married to a wonderful woman, Tere, and they have two very sweet girls, Cait and Lizzy.  Ryan is a wonderful Dad.  He is very hands on as a husband and father, it is nice to see his loving and caring side.  Ryan is always a phone call away from helping me when I need a hand.  I love this about him.  He is very much like his Dad in this way, always ready to help someone.  He has a good heart and a wonderful smile, he is a great son.

Trisha is my oldest daughter, is married to a wonderful man, Bill.  Trisha and Bill have four beautiful children, Aidan, Kellen, McKinley and Tatum.   Trisha is so much the superwoman Mom.  I hope she allows herself to relax a little.  With four children, that could be difficult, I don't know how she does it.  If children can be like a parent, she is probably the most like me.  I see the same "blondness" about her that I am, sorry Trisha.  She is focused and smart and such a good mom!  She invents ways to teach her children in the smallest ways and makes learning fun and interesting.  It would be nice if she lived closer, I could maybe more help to her than I am now. 

Emily is my youngest, she is a teacher and has a quick and a little sarcastic kind of wit, I love that about her!
She is an amazing woman.  When she sets her mind to something, she can do anything!  She is running her first half marathon this coming weekend.   She is also near enough to help me out when I seem to be in a crisis.  She has helped me do art shows, clean house before company comes and will clean the kitchen after a meal at home.  What a sweet and loving girl she is.  She always asks me if she can do anything for me or if I need anything.  She is very thoughtful like that.

Being a Mom is something I never really thought about, it came naturally, although I really felt totally unprepared.  I didn't really know I was unprepared, that comes with youth, good thing instincts kick in, I suppose.  I look back, trying to remember how I managed with so little knowledge about raising responsible, caring and thoughtful children.  I have to say it was just dumb luck.  Maybe it came from the way I was raised.  I think the Creator just sent to this Mom, good kids. 

Trisha will often ask me how I coped with this or that challenge she might be going through.  I often tell her that I don't remember that problem.  I'm sure I had to deal with it, but in the big scheme of things it was small and maybe not important enough to mark as a stepping stone.   You just follow your instincts, you'll know what to do.

I'm not saying I raised this three alone, Richard was always there, keeping things in balance.  I'm just sharing my contribution, it is almost Mother's Day.  I cherish being a Mom to these three amazing children.  I've been blessed.  Not a day goes by without me knowing that I've been very lucky.

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