Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, May 21, 2010

Living in the Moment with Friends

Richard and I have company for the weekend.  We love having company come to enjoy our world.  It is always a special time.  We tend to change our normal routine and pause awhile to enjoy our visitors.  Our doors are always open to friends.  We put a pot of coffee on, if the visit was expected, there might even be cookies with your coffee. 

I love when my visitors come and sit on the studio porch, watch the hummingbirds come to the feeder, they can look out at the flowers and just soak up the amazing energy our little piece of heaven holds.  Relaxing, sharing stories, contagious laughter and sipping our coffee.  Time stops, we are caught in a moment I don't want to end.   However time also flies, we look at the clock and wonder what happened, where did time go?  It's as if we have been in a time warp, like our little world stopped and yet the earth continued it's spinning.   We are oblivious to that happening.  When it does happen, you know something special was going on, you were living in the moment and that is what life is about!

Last night I went to bed thinking about our friends and the things we did today.  I fell asleep smiling.  I remember waking from time to time, if only for a second, and I'd smile again and think of my friends who are visiting for a weekend.  The love, the acceptance and warmth of this friendship is felt throughout my being.  I find that I'm happy just knowing there is more to come, we have the entire weekend.  What a blessing good friends are in our lives.

I have many good friends, they are the  people I want to spend time with, people who want to spend time with me.  Friendship is a give and take kind of thing, you can't be a friend if you only take, you also have to give.  I have often tried to seek friendships that were very one sided, it doesn't work.  It's like playing catch, you throw the ball, the ball is normally returned.  Sometimes the ball is not tossed back, you know the game just won't last, you run out of balls to toss.  This lesson has come to me a couple of times, it is a hard lesson. 
I look forward to every shared moment with friends, I am hungry for those moments, it seems to be an addiction.  I crave it more and more often, like someone who wants chocolate.  Can you have too much chocolate?  Can you have too many friends? 


  1. Awesome!!!!! CD

  2. Beautiful thoughts, spoken from the heart!

    Friends... Not easy to find, but when we have them, it's so precious!