Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Organization or Clutter?

Today is an interesting day for me.  I can not determine a particular goal for the day.  I have no creative inspiration, my house is clean and it's going to rain again.  I'm not really worried about this, I can always find something to occupy my time, but I have no aim today .  A friend told me this morning to not get greedy about my need for creative inspiration, it could be taken as quickly as it was given.  I do understand that, I will honor that message and will just do what comes to me today.

As I sit in front of the computer I realize what a messy person I am.  I wonder how I accomplish anything.  There are at least a hundred  scraps of paper in front of the key board, each with an address, a note, or a quote.  There are notations to google this thing or that, last months incomplete grocery list, and even my ideas for the inside of last year's Christmas card.  I'm finding phone numbers with no names, there are art show applications with deadlines long past and even a list of my favorite songs.  I have found notes that I think I can toss and turn it over to find some important little thing I need to remember.  That doesn't even count the number of business cards I harbor there as well.  These cards are of flute-makers, other artists that have caught my eye and there are photos I've scanned to attach to blogs and never got them back to the photo album.  Oh look, here under all my little scraps is the red rock I brought back from Sedona, AZ.  Of course there are a couple of flutes to play while my slow "high speed" Internet connection  is downloading or uploading.

I know that I am not alone in my clutter, I think many artist's have this problem, you can correct me if I'm wrong and I am sorry to let this secret out.  I swear it's probably not a secret to anyone who knows us!  Otherwise I can be trusted to keep an important secret, really!

With my house being already clean and my creative needs fulfilled for the moment.  I might just try to go through all these little notes of important information.  I have a beautiful leather bound book I purchased at Village Artisans, made by Bill Felker, I now keep nearby for all my favorite quotes.  Hummm, maybe I'll add my favorite songs to this book too......   It is now a matter of going through each scrap of recycled paper to find the quotes.  Maybe if I stack similar information in the same pile, but that won't work if there is something on the back.  I might have to rethink the stacks, maybe I should just pick up the notation and deal with it immediately.  Sounds easy, but then my thoughts start meandering..........   I still really need to plant those root bound impatients.

Photo:   my computer area.
             P.S.   I laugh when I looked at the picture,
                       wondering why I have a screwdriver in with the
                       ink pens.  And you have no idea of the really
                       important stuff under the rug under the keyboard! LOL!

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  1. I think you're so right about artists... The space we work in is "organized" JUST the way we want it... Who cares what anyone else thinks!!!!! CD