Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, May 14, 2010

Share a Part of Yourself, Write.....

Some days writing comes easily for me.  I use the word writing very loosely, I've never thought much about writing, more than journaling, making lists or corresponding with a friend.  Even journaling was pretty hit and miss over the years, especially when my children were small.  My teachers in school would never have considered me a writer from a look at some of my English grades.

I have a stack of journals that start back in 1972-73, Ryan was born in '72.  Not sure what happen to the journals I may or may not have kept for the next few years, they start again in 1984 and continue on into 2009.   I haven't opened them  since stacking them away.  I wonder what secrets they hold for me today.  I could probably spend the entire day looking through them, remembering events that would have been forgotten, had I not written them down.  Most of the writings were of everyday things, no poetry, no wise words.  Things are not so different today when I write a blog.  Maybe the thing that is different, some of the stories are from a past memory, one that was filed away and now is a chapter in my blogs.   

It has taken years to come to the place I find myself today.  A place that I can take time each day and write a few words.  Even if it isn't earth shattering or complex, just writing it down releases some need to express myself in words.  Is it so different that painting a picture, carving a gourd or even playing a flute?  It is all about finding a creative outlet for the spirit inside yourself to come out and to be revealed.  Not everyone needs to reveal themselves in a public way, doing it in a private way is just as important to your spirit.

I often ask my girls if they wrote down the funny story they just shared with me.  I can't help but think it will be forgotten if not noted somewhere.  I've given as gifts to my girls and dear friends, blank journals, so that they too will have a treasured place to write.  Many have, many haven't and some journal off and on.  I would highly recommend journaling, blogging, or letter writing to everyone.  I fear the emails and face-book is making things too easy, a one line thought, a quick response and it is over.  Don't you just love to get a nice long letter or card from someone?  Reading it over and over, knowing how wonderful it was that they took time to write a special note and mailed it to you.  The greeting cards I make and sell are always blank, giving someone a chance to fill the insides with their personal messages.  Give someone a little gift today, send a handwritten letter to a friend.  I promise, they'll love hearing from you!!!  

Photos:   Two of my greeting cards

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