Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Rainy Day Sentiment

I am in the studio again today.  I am working on a beautiful new design.  It is raining here, the rain is falling heavily and there is thunder to be heard.  I have the studio door open to the porch, I hear the rain hit the tin roof of the porch, my mind begins to wander as I work.  I look at my dogs napping on the rugs near me, content to sleep, I wonder about their dreams as they whimper in their slumber.

The Cd player is providing additional music for me to listen to, it sounds nice with the rain.  My mind drifts to the musicians who are filling my studio with their personal sound, each is different and each is amazing.  You might already know the music, I'm sure, it comes from people who play the Native American style Flutes, it is about the only music played in the studio.  My brain travels back to Musical Echoes in Florida, again seeing the faces of these musicians, Mark Holland, Scott August and newbie Jonathan Ward.  I delight in the conversations and laughter that was shared during that weekend, can't help but smile as I work on my gourd. 

The next Cd that begins to play it is from John Two-Hawks, my mind races to the future.  Next week John Two-Hawks and his wonderful wife Peggy are coming to my center of the world to put on a Flute Retreat!  I get excited just thinking about spending time with them and my other  flute friends. 

The rain falls, a cleansing is welcome.  Not just outside, maybe inside me too.  I burn some sage, say some prayers.  The gifts in my life are abundant and I am grateful.  As my mind keeps meandering about the important things in life, lingering here and there, all the while a beautiful gourd is coming to life on this rainy spring day. 

Photos of my newest gourd creation!


  1. wow!! this gourd is absolutly incredible and is exactly what I needed to see to center my mind on this moment. Great Writing... you are truly gifted thanks for raining down your healing medicine in my life Cynthia, you rock!

  2. Kathy LarzelereThursday, May 13, 2010

    the gourd is just beautiful Cynthia! And you have a knack for writing. Are you going to turn Meandering Thoughts into a book? As a book for reflection it would be at the top of the charts.

  3. Thank you all for your beautiful and welcome comments. It means so much that you'd take the time to post a comment. Peggy, you are the one that rocks! Mark, thank you....
    Kathy, :D a book? I can't imagine who really would want to read my meanderings... I would like to have something for my grandkids and maybe their children, a glimpse of how it was during this life journey. Thank you all.