Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Other Mother's Day Gift

I think my children were trying to come up with the most unique and wonderful gifts they could find this year in 2010.  My son, Ryan, calls me Mother's Day morning, he is at work doing Sunday overtime.  My son is a very hard worker, he graduated from a vocational school as a welder and has worked with the same company since '87.  Not many people are so lucky today.   His job has changed over the years and he has moved into more specialized work.  When offered a chance to work overtime, he takes it. 

After work Ryan stops by and I'm in the studio working on a card order.  I am happy in my studio, the doors are open, I hear the birds, breeze blows through and my Cd's fill the air with flute music.  Ryan and I chat and he tells me that he'll be bringing his lovely wife Tere and the girls down for my Mother's Day gift.  Oh, I'm not going anywhere, he gives me a hug, kiss and an "I love you" and I tell him how sweet he is.  He tells me not to tell anyone, it will blow his cover.  Guess what Ryan, I'm telling the world how wonderful you are!!!!

Pretty soon Ryan and his family come calling.  The girls excitedly carry in beautiful cards and a pot of pretty snapdragons.  They are beaming ear to ear.  "Guess what Grandma, guess what we came to do?"  Who could possibly guess, weren't the flower and cards enough?  "We came to brush all the horses for you," they say. 

All three of my horses are in their twenties now.  Bones, my horse, is twenty-nine, the oldest.  For the last couple of years he has had a difficult time shedding his long hair.  Our mini, Chance, has the same problem.
They look like sheep they are so matted looking.  Knipper is the only one that sheds naturally, his mane is thick and long and are in dread locks every spring.  I hate admitting that grooming my horses in not on the top of my priority list these days.  Twenty years ago the horses were brushed and ridden at least three times a week, almost year round.  Interesting how life changes your priority lists.

The horses were haltered and tied to the hitching rail, did they have visions of another time?  Did they rem-ember being gathered up, groomed and saddled and then taken out into the fields for a good run with wild and joyous freedom?  Were their memories of long past endurance and competitive trail rides racing through their heads.  Those were my thoughts as everyone hovered around the horses, chatting, laughing, and grooming.  We even shared a couple of stories of "remember when?".

In the afternoon sunshine, Bones, lowered his head a little, half closed his eyes and savored the brushing, even though he really hates that process.  Knipper loved having his mane and tail detangled, he thinks he's quite good looking when his mane and tail are flowing in the breeze.  Chance love the attention by the girls, he is just their size and he didn't move a muscle while they worked on his long hair and his beautiful mane and tail.  All three horse were treated with apple slices, they were hugged and loved upon.  What could be nicer on Mother's Day?

Photo:  Right upper:  Cait leading Bones and Lizzy on board.
            Lower left:   Cait with Knipper
                                Lizzy with Bones, allowing them to graze.


  1. shirley mccarleyWednesday, May 12, 2010

    A wonderful story!!

  2. How sweet... What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon!!!! CD

  3. ... And what did the hitching post area look like once they were done? Give Knipper and Bones a carrot from me!