Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Today is Mother's Day.  The sun is shining in my world and it is chilly.  I am in awe of the power of love in my life.  From my wonderful husband and children and friends.  I see this love in other things too.

I may have mentioned the robin nesting on the lamp at the front door.  This Mother choose this perfect spot for her nest.  It is high enough to keep the "hunter cat" from bothering the nest and it is also protected from rain.  Their nests are made with mud and grasses, if these nests become too soggy with water and the wind is blowing, they will fall from the tree branch.

I have been watching these robin parents.  They hatched what I believe to be only one egg.  I can't really see in the nest, I am just too short.  I have seen the robins coming to and from the nest on the lamp and knew they were feeding baby birds.  The activity was constant to and from.  The parents caring for the young, searching for insects/worms in the yard.  They are good parents instinctively.

Two days ago I went out to get the mail, totally forgetting about the robins.  As I came back toward the house a baby bird flew from the nest, into the ground cover near my feet.  His wings were well developed and yet he still had downy fuzz on his back where feathers would soon come.  The parent robins were there in a instant, chirping and hovering and causing a lot of commotion.  I knew if I lingered the cats would come to see what the ruckus was and this could be the end of a possible fledgling.  I went quickly in the house and looked out the window.

Things calmed down immediately.  Whew.  Now all I could do was say a little prayer that this baby would be safe.  The parents will take care of that baby if it comes out of the nest too soon.  I turned it over to a greater power in my prayer.  

Today, I see the robin parents, hopping around the yard.  As I continue to watch them looking for food, I suddenly see the third robin.  It is the one that left the nest early.  He now has tail feathers and looks almost adult like.  He follows one of the robins around the yard and the one he follows feeds him.  I am rewarded with the knowledge that my prayer was answered.

As a mother I understood the distress caused when a young one leaves the nest too soon.  As a mother I know I can continue to nurture, leaving the nest is natural and normal.  My children have fledged and are doing great!  I am a very happy Mother. 

Photo:   Not robins....   but last year's hummingbirds

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