Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Years Mother's Day Gift

My children are wonderful, I may have mentioned that before.  Mother's day is always remembered.  I am happy to receive cards with loving words, I know they are heartfelt.  I have gotten flowers, a sweet smelling Lilac bush and even a red Japanese maple tree for the yard.  All are wonderful and appreciated.

This year for Mother's Day my girls have decided to give me a gift together.  I'm very excited about the gift, although I'm also a little nervous.  My gift will arrive on Tuesday about 9 am and I have to get my house in some order before the arrival. 

I know some of you have probably been following my blogs awhile, you will know why I'm a little uncomfortable getting a gift like this.  I have to admit that at this stage of my life there are some things that just aren't as important as other things.  I wonder if my girls understand this or if they just can't stand it any longer......  I think they are sweetly telling me I need help!

Have you guessed what my gift is?  Shall I give you more hints?  Do you hate to dust, mop the floor and take down cobwebs?  Do you put off spring cleaning because it is just going to take too much time?  Have you figured it out yet?  I can't wait to share!  They have found a lady to come in and do my Spring Housecleaning!  Oh my gosh, can there be a better gift in the whole world?   They are so excited to have found something to make my heart race with excitement!  Woohoo!!!

But wait, oh my gosh........   I need to get ready for a house cleaning person!  Oh dear, I can't let someone come into my house and see that stack of books sitting on the table, waiting to be read.  I can't let them see I haven't swept the dog hair up this week.  Oh no, I really should pick up......   And what about the flutes laying in every room.   Will she know they are not to be waxed and polished?  Should I try to find some order to the pile of mail that needs addressed on the dining room table?  What about all the outdoor stuff that blew into the house from my open windows with no screens yesterday.  (we have screens, I just hate them!) 

When she comes and does her day of work my girls have hired her for, will I be totally spoiled and long for her to come back?  It would be so nice to have someone come and do this on a regular basis, maybe I'd actually be able to think about cleaning the corner that surrounds my computer.  And what do you do with yourself when someone is cleaning in your house?   Do you leave?  Do you hide in your bedroom?  Do you go have a massage and forget about about the dust bunnies hiding in places you ignore while she is cleaning your house.  What if she becomes tangled in the giant spider web and needs help getting out.  Or maybe her vacuum becomes clogged with hidden dog hair and she can't finish the job.  What if she comes to the door and faints.   Oh dear, this is causing me to be a little queezy..........  am I dizzy with excitement or embarrassment?


  1. I understand. My mom used to call my type of house cleaning nasty/nice....looked nice on the surface but don't dare open a drawer or closet! Also sounds like some men I have known..Ha. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and enjoy your gift! Merlen

  2. shirley mccarleySaturday, May 08, 2010

    This is good! You sound like not only a lady with many talents, but a very sweet lady. You sound like a person who has figured out how to enjoy life to the fullest!
    I use to be a slave to my house when my boys were growing up..too bad I didn't invest in "pinesol" stock! lol!Right now, I'm gazing out my window looking at those beautiful grosbecks that are still visiting and sipping my coffee!
    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

  3. Oh, JUST RELAX!!!!! That's why your girls are doing this!! Meet her when she arrives and give her a tour of the house and tell her about all the lovely things that you don't want touched (but ONLY if you are sure you will do them later... otherwise...tell her how you want them cleaned.) THEN: Take a bagged lunch and plenty to drink and go out into your studio and "get lost" there... If the spirit moves you, you could go in a check periodically... otherwise just tell her to come get you when she's done... RELAX... Remember the freedom you will feel when it's all done! CD

  4. That's a great gift! I may need her name so my sister and I could do that for my mom. :-)