Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Strange Thing......

Funny, I've been waking up all week thinking the sun is shining and it NEVER is.  It has been cloudy and gloomy outside for days, maybe weeks.  It feels like weeks.  I am determined to make my own sunshine!  I turn on lights, turn on music and find the sunshine inside my space.  It has not failed to work and I am becoming a master!

Something strange happened to me this morning.  I actually felt like cleaning!  You might call it Spring Cleaning because I am moving stuff and running the sweeper under things.  Things that maybe haven't been moved for awhile.  Yes, this is very strange, in my world if it is tidy, it is clean enough!

I know some of you were thinking this blog would be another encounter with the tipi spirits.  Sorry to disappoint you.  I am dealing with another type of spirit, the spirit of contentment.  You know that feeling, the one that says "yes, you have done a great job!"  Even if it is only catching those dust bunnies!

When I was younger, when my children were home.  My job, if you will, was to do the work of a Mom at home with her children.  It was never ending and even if I didn't love doing it, I did it because it was necessary.   Now, I am older, everything takes twice as long to do as it did when I was younger.  Is it the enthusiasm or the energy that has left me?   I now save my energy for the important stuff, art, flutes, family and friends.  Not in that order necessarily, it seems to change with the day.

I look at all the things I have collected through our married life.  I wonder why I have the need to have these things, they only need dusting.  As I dust these things I remember the event that happened to cause me to cherish it and have it out to continue to remind me of that moment in time.  I don't want to forget those special times.  We have a room called the Trophy Room, it is really a morning room to most.  It is home to trophies, photos and ribbons of when the kids and I rode horses and won these mementos.  I keep birthday cards, letters from friends and old photo albums.  There are pictures that never made it to photo albums.  I have baskets hanging and sitting everywhere.  I love baskets, they are for gathering, giving and receiving things.  I continue to collect things I love, although the cherished things have changed and been added to the things from the past.  Now I collect drums and flutes and I have started trading my art for other people's beautiful art.  I am getting a wonderful collection of amazing pieces. As I dust these pieces, I see the work and joy put into the piece from the artist I traded with.  I cherish getting to know that artist and having a piece of their sunshine in my life.
What really compounds the problem, my wonderful husband also collects things.  I won't even go into the things he is interested in, it would boggle your mind.  We each have our rooms that we claim for ours.  These rooms are rarely seen by friends and even family.  These rooms are often reorganized, but rarely cleaned on a regular schedule.  Did I use the word schedule?   I usually clean for the next big event that will happen at our house.

Strange then that I feel the need to clean.........   there are no big events about to happen, except maybe SPRING!  This is all very strange.  If spring isn't in the air, it must be pledge.................

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  1. I love that! I have been cleaning too, feeling the need to PURGE!!!