Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Springs Birthday

It's almost here!  Can't you feel the difference, see the difference, hear the difference?  No, not just talking about my birthday, but maybe I will, right now I'm talking about spring! 

I want to throw open the windows, I want to  feel the fresh air moving through our house!   There are no bugs coming into the house yet and it actually lets those pesky Asian Ladybugs out!  They do annoy me, leaving their tracks on the windows, falling dead everywhere.  The other night one bit me when I crawled into bed.  Why was he in my bed?  When I finally captured him, he left a terrible smell on my fingers.  I think I am meandering...........    I want to share the good stuff.  Although, I have a friend  that would remind me, you must have bad to appreciate the good, it's a balance.   I was telling this same friend, as we stood out at the tipi lodge one summer evening, about the wonderful little wren that had built a nest in the buffalo skull I have hanging in front of the tipi.  I mentioned to him as much as I loved that little wren singing all summer long, I didn't much like that she sang her song from the top of  the lodge pole.  Of course this means that she also dropped little droppings on the tipi canvas, leaving spots behind.  My friend reminded me of the having the good and the bad creates balance. Thanks JTH, I often need to be reminded.

I love spring flowers coming up, have you seen them too?   Although the daffodil is suppose to be the March flower, it rarely blooms in my backyard for my birthday.  I have chosen another spring flower to enjoy on my birthday, the pansy!  I LOVE, LOVE the pansy!  Have you ever looked at the flower of the pansy?  I swear they have faces!  They just seem to smile and rejoice in spring sunshine.  Every year I get some pansies for my birthday.

The song the birds sings fill me with joy, I love the hear them begin their morning songs, sometimes long before I'm ready to get out of bed, often times before the sun comes up.   They are certainly singing Happy Birthday to everything being reborn to Mother Earth again!  Oh, it could be they are also singing Happy Birthday to me!  That is why I love that my birthday is in the spring!

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