Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Miracles

Well, I may have mentioned before, this is my birthday month.  Now, it is my birthday week!  Yesterday, was a gathering of my MIRACLES.  I hadn't thought much that my daughter wanted to come and visit, she and her family live about an hour and a half away.  Like all young families, they are very involved in their family, school and community.  We don't get together every week, sometimes it can be a month between visits.  When she said they were all coming down, it was just time to visit.  I didn't know she'd contacted her brother and sister and that all were coming to celebrate my birthday.  It was the beginning of my BIRTHDAY week. 

Trisha and Bill, with Aidan, Kellen, McKinley and baby Tatum arrived.  Not far behind was Ryan and Tere, with Cait and Lizzy.  Then my sister, Margaret and my neice Kara stopped by and then came our youngest Emily.  What a surprise to have everyone together on this rainy spring day!  Trisha brought a cake and Happy Birthday was sung with McKinley singing loudly the cha, cha, cha between verses.  It was a hoot!

One of the miracles in my life has been my children.  No one could have told me when I was young the joy of having adult children.  Oh, they all shared how wonderful babies were.  Everyone knows the joys, challenges and difficulty of having small children in the house.  It is not an easy time, but I loved being home while my children were young, raising them they way we'd been raised.  We live on a small farm, there are animals to care for, responsibility was learned early.  They knew the way and why of life, living on a farm.

Our miracles, grew from babies to teenagers, we were really LUCKY, our three didn't cause us much trouble.  Since Richard was a teacher, it was difficult to pull the wool over our eyes, there is a great underground among the teachers, news travels fast and our kids knew this!   There were the usual growing pains, but they were respectful and responsible, they did well in school, and moved on to being young adults.  Ryan is a weilder, actually he is more than a weilder now, new position in a job that he has worked at since high school, 19 years?  (wait I can't type, my head is spinning, is it possible he has worked this long!!!!)  Trisha graduated from Wilmington College and is an athletic trainer, her athletes are her four children, right now.  Emily also graduated from Wilmington College and is a Special Ed. teacher in the Springfield City Schools.

Now our miracles have given to us more miracles!  Cait, is nine.  She is sweet and loving and she loves the horses!  Her sister, Lizzy, is seven and a half, she is a little shy, very loving, and likes to ride horses to.  I am constantly amazed at their ease around the horses and their love and knowledge of the animals in their life. 

Aidan is seven and a couple months, he is Trisha and Bill's oldest.  He loves his sports and loves to joke around.  Kellen, will be six in July.  He is quick on his feet and thinks he can do anything his brother can do, he probably can.  He already knows the skills Aidan does at school and he is in Kintergarten.  McKinley is three and she thinks she is already a big kid.  Her vocabulary is out of this world, and her hand/eye coordination is amazing!  Baby Tatum is almost seven months, she is eating babyfood, sitting up and loves being in the middle of sibs activity!

So our miracles are wonderful adults.  They are kind and loving parents, they are responsible adults and they came yesterday to spend the afternoon together for my birthday.   I love that about them! 

Picture: upper right,  Aidan, Kellen and McKinley drumming
             right middle, Tatum
             bottom right,  Cait, pink cast and Lizzy

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  1. It is so wonderful to hear you talk about your kids and their kids as your miracles in your life. I'd say you were lucky... but then we both know better than that! Carol D