Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Windows to the World

Sometimes it takes so little to make me happy!  Today it is having clean windows!  I love to wash the windows of my house.  We have very large windows, four bay windows and then other big windows.  I often wonder if having four bay windows is extravagant.   Maybe, but as we remodeled this room or the other over the years, when it came to windows I wanted big! 

I have no curtains on my windows, maybe a valance, just so it looks like I have thought about dressing them.  I want to see out, I want to know what the birds are doing.  I love watching my horses from the windows.  It is always exciting to see the horses watching something, I run from window to window trying to see what they see.  I am often rewarded by seeing deer or Canada geese or other small critters walking around in the pasture.  

Today when I got up, Richard said, "You missed all the excite-ment!"  Oh no, what?  He saw a coyote come around the barn and walk toward the road.  As Richard ran to another window, he saw our barn cat, cowering in the grass and then scramble up a fence post.  She too was watching the coyote.  We don't often have coyotes in our horse pasture, hmmm, that will make an interesting story some night in the tipi!  

Year round, I can look out the east windows in the morning and watch the sun come up while having coffee.  In the evening I can sit at the dining room table or in the living room and watch the sunset.  

Washing windows inside and out is much like throwing open the doors in the summer.  I feel like I'm out in nature, even if I'm in the house.   Clean windows have a certain invisibility about them, I love that!  One thing about having no curtains, I don't have to worry about washing curtains for spring!  A real time saver and water saver!   I'm feeling very GREEN today! 


  1. I want you to come visit me! We have dog nose prints on the windows.

    The only time I'd think four bay windows were too many would be when I had to wash them!

  2. Oh dear! The windows are clean and now I see how dusty my house is! Sad but true!