Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Friday, March 5, 2010


It is amazing the change in things when the sun shines on your life.  Your entire being absorbs that light and reflects it out.  We have been in a long period of winter and gloomy sky.  With the snow on the ground, everything is black, white and gray.  I feel like an old bear in the den, waiting for brighter and warmer days.

Today sunrise was showing clear skies.  The sun is bright and sky is blue once again.  The birds are singing songs of spring.  They too are happy for the sunshine.  It is March, spring is close and have I mentioned?  This is my Birthday Month!   I really think that is also the reason for my JOYFUL outlook on spring!  I have another chance at watching Mother Earth going through her rebirth!   I am a part of that rebirth, taking each day and living it as if it's my first and last.   I am humbled and grateful for this gift, I will celebrate accordingly.   

This is the second day of full sunshine in Greene County!  The snow is beginning to melt, I can see patches of what will soon be grass in my yard.  I also see the limbs that must be picked up before anything like mowing will happen.  This is a normal routine, the trees shed what is broken and damaged, making room for new growth.  I think we all do that, it just isn't so obvious sometimes.

I took my two shaggy little dogs to the groomer today.  They haven't had a hair cut since before Christmas, they like their winter hair in the winter.  The hair around their faces I try to keep trimmed, but after awhile they start looking like weird hairy dogs with little heads.........  something out of proportion and for an artist that is just wrong!  Spring haircuts are a must!

Of course all this sunshine will also bring mud.  Something you cannot avoid when living on a farm.  The driveway is soggy and the horse barn area is not only soggy, it is also sloppy.   I always know spring is really here when the horses start taking mud baths.  My white horse turns into a crusted muddy brown thing with legs.  I suppose it is partly due to the itching hair that they will start shedding very soon.  I once took a picture of them covered in mud, sent it out as a greeting card, the caption was, Spring Has Come!  All of my horse friends understood, they had the same in their stables.

Sunshine also brings people who smile more.  They too have been locked in their caves, waiting, just waiting for the sunshine to draw them outside.  I love spring...........   did I mention..... oh never mind, I think I did.


  1. Finally, I figured out how to join your blog ( I think) and finally I can send a message.
    Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. I was actually thinking about my swimming pool today.
    Setting up the lawn furniture on the deck and thinking of a cook out!!
    can't wait to see you
    Love your blogs and photos... You rock

  2. You did it girl friend! We have had 3 days in a row of sunshine, it just makes me happy!
    Thanks for reading and thanks for following my blog! Yeah!!!!!