Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Being Inspired

Oh my Gosh!   I love being inspired!  I have a friends, that just keep posting the most fun and interesting artwork.  It is acrylic paint on a canvas.  I know they gather, this bunch of clever and very funny girls, to paint together.  I haven't actually been to one of these painting parties, but I must go sometime!  Just running into them outside a painting event is enough to keep you laughing for days! 

I think when they plan these events, they have very clever names for them, for instance, Cork and Canvas and Sweet & Tweets.  They do serve some wine at their painting parties!   Now that could be fun or a little dangerous for those of us who don't drink often!   When I see photos of their finished projects, I want them all!  Jen has a blog and some artwork is posted there, you can find her by going to;

So, I have been inspired by them to do my own loose painting on a canvas, just to see what would happen!
Oh my Gosh!  What a wonderful time I had!   You all know of course, there are no rules in artwork, maybe that is what draws me to art!  There are NO RULES!  I'm not a rule kind of girl!  This type of painting has my name all over it!  Don't you just love what I painted yesterday?

I have another friend and his wife that have inspired me greatly.  This time it comes with my gourd work!  He is the most amazing flutemaker, carving the most beautiful birds and animals on the end of his flutes.  His wife paints them with an a wonderful amount of detail.  But get this, she is considered legally blind!  How do they do it?   If your are interested in checking out Billy Crowbeaks work, go to:  it will be worth seeing his beautiful Native American Flutes.

My inspiration from their beautiful flutes has given me the courage and desire to carve and paint more detail into my gourd work and I must say the rewards are breathtaking to me.  I have now done two Red-Tailed Hawk gourds that I am very pleased with.  My gourd work has stepped to another level!

My wonderful art teacher, Amelia, has gently guided me in lessons on shadows and backgrounds, acquiring some dimension to my work.   She has helped me so much, not only with work on canvas but I can use the same techniques when painting my gourd designs! 

I love that all of my friends are willing to share and teach one another with such love and spirit!  I have decided, while sitting and painting yesterday, that I must have a time every month this summer to bring my grand children into the studio and have a little art fun, maybe I'll call it " Art, No Rules with Grandma!".

Pictures:   upper right -  many feathers
                lower left  -  Red-tailed Hawk carving on gourd


  1. I loved the "Art, No Rules with Grandma" concept
    go for it


  2. I am so happy you are inspired! these are amazing and look like Mandalas!