Meandering Thoughts

Meandering Thoughts

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting My Flute Fix

I have been gone from home for five days.  My dear friend and I attended the Potomac Native American Flute Festival, in Arlington, Virginia.  This is a gathering for anyone who might be interested in the world of Native American style flutes or for people like myself who loves everything about the Native American Style flutes!  They like to call us "fluties".  I met people from all walks of life, some had never held a Native American style flute in their hands before and took one home this weekend.  I smile when I write that, I know they are going to be surprised at the effects this flute will have in their lives!  I've been there, I know this to be true!

At this event we attended seven or eight workshops and learned how to play duets with a friend, tips on flute circle gatherings, how to project your music to a large room and enjoyed a workshop on flute and other instruments being playing together.  There was another workshop on healing sounds of the flute and an amazing glimpse of flutes from around the world.  Wonderful information was shared by many talented people.

There were also vendors of these Native American style flutes.  So many choices it is overwhelming.  Each flute maker has his own style when it comes to the finished flute.  The beauty of the wood is often all that is needed to pull me to a flute.  There are other flutes that are beautifully painted or wood burnt or some have an unusual "bird" on the top that catches your eye.  Flutes are made in different keys, even the same key will sound different from maker to maker, even player to player.  The choices are overwhelming and it truly takes the entire weekend to try them all! 

The concerts in the evening were varied and amazing.  Most of the artists I had never heard play before and I now have a some new favorites.  Their music is as different and varied as the flutes I described.  It was wonderful to just sit and listen to the artists perform.  I have new Cd's that came home with me too!

The best part of the weekend was connect-ing with the people.  Everyone at the festival  was open and friendly.  They would talk about the flute they just purchased, we would play for each other and we discovered that most were filled with the spirit the flute brings to your heart.  I was again connected to people that I have known from other events, they have become friends now, people who hug and promise to keep in touch and they do.  People who share a common interest in nature, peace in one's heart and love for all around them.  I am touched by the concern these friends have for one another, the prayers that are said for those who need them.  At this event were vendors, shoppers, performers, teachers, healers, elders, children and the one that we couldn't see but felt was Spirit.  

Being away for five days was like being gone a month.  I call events like this a "flute fix".  It is like filling my gas tank, only with flutes, music and friends.  I am looking forward aways to the next "flute fix" in my life, it's only a couple weeks off.  I get excited just thinking about it!

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